Leadership Lessons We Learn From Our Favorite TV Characters

From Barney Fife and Gilligan to Jean Luc Picard and George Costanza, familiar TV characters can teach us surprising lessons about our leadership trials and tribulations. This session uses popular entertainment to illustrate practical management philosophies.

‘Oh Behave’

‘Oh Behave’ is a lively presentation examining individual behavior styles. Those frustrating, and endearing, traits people exhibit at different points in time are explored. This session talks about strategies to make the most of people’s particular behavioral styles as well as your own.

Successful Leaders Adapt

The job of a leader consists mainly of achieving results through others, yet managing people effectively is difficult. In this session, strategies are creatively presented to get participants thinking of alternatives to developing and managing their employees. The goal is to know how to lead employees to peak performance through effective adaptation of your style.

These People Are Driving Me Crazy

So often as leaders we find ourselves thinking this person is driving me crazy. We wish the person would just go away and possibly never come back. The struggle we have is addressing this person from a fresh perspective. This presentation opens our eyes to new ways of managing crazy.

Why We Do What We Do

Every day, subconsciously or consciously, we make decisions. These decisions are based on our previous experiences which have made up our beliefs. We form beliefs that motivate our actions. As our motivations differ from those of others, conflict and disagreement arises. Understanding each other’s perspectives will foster positive and productive interactions. Learn how a lack of understanding of individual motivators may cause opposition within an organization or with external business operations. This session teaches how to bridge differences of motivators in order to achieve everyone’s maximum potential.