Sink or Swim – Are You Drowning Your New Employees?

Your new employees are not chum to be devoured. How are you treating them? So many organizations fail to recognize the importance of celebrating new employees. Rejoice in catching a great person and spend the time swimming with them.

Spirit of Service

The first point of contact can make or break your company’s reputation. A bad experience can result in terrible outcomes for an organization. This presentation embraces the spirit of service, transforming customer service from just a program into a living organism within your business.

What You Do Makes A Difference

We are contagious. The question is, what are we spreading? When we get worn down and tired at work and believe we don’t matter, we infuse indifference, a lack of initiative and negativity. This presentation will bring back your value and energy to become positively infectious.

Who Hired That Guy

Have you ever wondered how your peer could hire that person? This fun session explores the pitfalls of hiring and the importance of discipline when selecting that great next person to join your organization.