Building High Performance Teams: Unleashing the Power of Your Work Group

Many organizations today have implemented team management concepts.  What is the difference between being a supervisor and a team leader?  What are the benefits of a team approach?  In this highly interactive seminar you will personally discover the benefits that come from cooperation and teamwork.  You will understand the Five Stages of Team Development and how to harness team power to solve problems and make good decisions.  You will learn how to foster team spirit and how to motivate your team.  You will learn and practice techniques that help you understand and use the strengths of each of your team members.  Through hands-on exercises you will experience for yourself the power of teamwork.

Conflict Management: Working Toward a Win/Win Culture

Conflict – the very word conjures up unpleasant connotations in most people’s minds.  But differences of opinion turn up in all healthy workplaces; the job of the manager is to manage these differences productively.  In this session you will learn how conflict can stimulate positive outcomes if handled well.  You will assess your own preferred style of dealing with conflict and learn other alternative styles.  You will participate in exercises designed to help you learn how to seek and find a win/win solution and learn an eight-step conflict resolution process that you can implement in your own work group.

Creativity: Inspiring the “Aha!” Experience

In this fun and interactive seminar you will discover how to unleash your own and others’ creative and innovative ideas.  Barriers to creativity will be examined, as will the factors that enable peak creative experiences.  You will be introduced to tools like divergent thinking, kaleidoscope thinking, expeditioning and wishful thinking that will help you shift gears from left to right-brain thinking.  Your perspectives and perceptions will change as you explore your own ability to create.  You will learn the four steps for turning an idea into a living reality and have fun exercising your brain in new and exciting ways.

What You Do Makes A Difference

If you feel your job doesn’t matter to an organization, this session explores how every position in an organization brings exceptional value. By just altering your perspective, this discussion inspires participants to examine their role by taking a unique look at redefining their work to create meaningful value within the organization. When everyone realizes the unique contribution their position brings to the larger picture, transformation occurs which becomes contagious to those around them and opens an organization’s potential.